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Highlights from Formula Drift 2012 @ Long Beach

Robbie Nishida & Conrad Grunewald crash into the tire wall after they both "lightly" tap a k-rail with their rear bumpers:

Darren McNamera "DMac" crashes into the tire wall after hitting the k-rail:

Joon Maeng vs. Tyler McQuarrie.  It didn't seem like Tyler was expecting Joon to take such a shallow leading line:

Vaughn Gitten Jr., no stranger to spectacular crashes, showed everyone exactly how to save the rest of the car after taking the rear end into the wall.  The natural inclination for a driver is to lift off the throttle and apply brakes <--- bad idea!  If Vaughn had lifted, the car's weight would have quickly transferred to the front tires.  With the front wheels turned right, the new-found grip would have helped him drive the car's front-right corner straight into the wall.  By staying on the throttle, he prevented the such phenomenon, regained control, and saved the car:

Test fit day: EURO/UK Spec Rear Finish Panels

Last Friday, fellow clubroadster.net Miata owners "coupeloop" and "JonB" dropped by to test fit the EURO/UK Rear Finish Panel.  We fitted a carbon fiber one onto JonB's car, and an FRP one onto coupeloop's car.  Both turned out so well that we never removed the parts from their cars!

Here is JonB's Miata with the EURO/UK Rear Finish Panel in carbon fiber:

Here is coupeloop's Miata with the EURO/UK Rear Finish Panel in FRP:

More pictures:

Jeff Abbott @ Formula Drfit 2011 Round 7: Title Fight

We're back from another great weekend of (watching) Formula Drift at Irwindale Speedway.  The grandstands were fully packed and sold out to massive crowds.  As always - awesome venue, awesome event.

We have tons of photos from the event, including coverage of Dai Yoshihara's championship-winning S13, Hankook Tire umbrella girls, and scraped up APR Performance GTC wing endplates.  But those would probably just score an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale of excitement.  We would rather post something more exciting.  Now, what could be more exciting?  None other than Jeff Abbott's Top 32 Qualifying Mazda Miata!  We'll just assign a score of 10, and leave it at that!  :P

The team, hard at work:

Going up against the big boys!

Jeff gives a thumbs up...for the Slick Auto carbon fiber mirrors!

See the rest of the photos below:

Moti's introduction - Miata track prep & fabrication services!

We just got off the phone with Moti @ Blackbird Fabworx (http://blackbirdfabworx.com/) (Northridge, CA), and we're very excited to share news that Moti is now offering custom fabrication services for the automotive community.

For those that don't know who Moti is, here is a brief introduction.  Moti has been one of the most innovative and meticulous track-day enthusiasts we have ever come across.  As a very-early adopter of using aerodynamic components on a track-day Miata (or any track-day car for that matter), he set example by using canards, splitters, spoilers, wings, undertrays, and diffusers when no one else at the track even believed that kind of stuff worked.

Moti on track:

As we recall, those were dark days indeed.  Those were days when people scoffed at the sight of rear wings; days when the mere mention of "downforce" was met with scorn.  Moti paid no heed.  He did not follow anyone else's style, nor did he do what was fashionable at the time.  No.  In fact, what he did was far ahead of his time.  He went against the common flow and showed everyone that improving aerodynamics was key to going faster.  He proved that the aerodynamic components he implemented/tested/tested-again were based on a faith not blind, but based on sound principles of how objects behaved in a viscous fluid called air.

In a world where the sight and movement of air molecules escaped our vision, he proved his faith not only to be true, but to be very tangible as well.  He knew that someday, aerodynamics work would become a basic necessity in race car preparation, as well as a staple in the automotive industry --- sharing common thought with topics such as suspension setup and engine maintenance.  We sense that such day draws nearer, while we rest assured, to know that the dark days have already passed.

Anyway, let us not digress any further.  The exciting news here is that Moti, after honing his skills for some time at Tri-Point Engineering, has now opened shop independently and is ready to help you get your vehicle project done!

To get an idea of what services Blackbird Fabworx has to offer, here's a copy of Moti's introduction on clubroadster.net (http://clubroadster.net/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=39158), written by Moti himself:

"Hey folks!...

...So, I've been in the Miata community for over a decade now, wrenching, tinkering, tracking, modifying and enjoying them properly .
I've had three of them by now, but most of you that already know me will remember the Blackbird, my turbo track car, pic attached.
Some of you might have seen my scratch build Locost project on LocostUSA.com forums.

While I haven't been around the forums (CR or M.net) for a some time I still got to do a bunch of work on Miatas, fabricating anything from chassis mods to aero, wrenching on them and race prepping them as the Miata specialist of Tri-point engineering until recently and of course on my own.
I have knowledge, skill and the tooling to make cars stiffer, lighter, grippier and faster -

* Custom rollcages / rollbars / harness bars
* Racing seat installations - properly centered, supported and with integrated harness mounts, cut floor etc...
* Aero work - splitters, ducting, wing mounts, diffusers etc..
* Dashboard / gauge panels
* Chassis bracing
* Bracketry for any type of custom work - V-mounts, electrical panels, aux lighting etc..
* Professional depowering of power steering racks

** Creative solutions for your needs, while I do specialize in Miatas I'm capable of working on any car.

Also, soon enough the option of corner weighing and alignment will be added as well.

Looking forward to work with you!

(from http://clubroadster.net/vb_forum/showthread.php?t=39158)

A recent customer's car (yes, he can work on any make/model car!):

A customized Miata cage:

Customized super-low seat mounting bracket to go with the cage:

So there you have it.  If you need custom fabrication services (for a Miata or any other car) and you are within driving distance to his location in Northridge, CA, don't hesitate to give Moti a call.  Slick Auto recommends!

Moti @ Blackbird Fabworx
tel.: (818)339-3884
email: moti@blackbirdfabworx.com


Fresh paint & body work on SA's Miata NB street car

This `99 Miata was purchased during the summer of 2009.  It was driven on the streets and at the WSIR Balcony.  It looked tired and beat-up, and eventually gave up a rod and rod bearing at 160k miles (we blame oil starvation for that).  So, it sat around for a while, until it was finally sent in for a motor rebuild by G-Dimension (they're traditionally known for their SR and RB 500whp+ race motor builds).

They're now working on a fresh engine build for the Baby Monster, but that's another topic, to be covered later.  :)

The NB is now back to strictly daily-driving duties, with a bunch of new goodies to help it to both function better and look more presentable at the same time:
- `99 BP-4W 1.8L engine blueprint & rebuild to factory specs. by G-Dimension.
- `01-05 factory front bumper & projector headlights w/ HIR bulbs.
- Garage Vary front lip.
- Body work to fix over 40 dings & dents.
- Paint, matched to the "Ducati red" color (a Ducati 748 was used as a sample).
- Replaced various deteriorated interior and exterior parts.
- 949 Racing 6UL 15x8 wheels w/ $35 ea. China-branded tires.
- Swift Sport springs & Bilstein HD shocks.
- K&N warm air intake system.
- Racing Beat exhaust system (this came with the original car purchase).

See more pictures below: